50 Congratulations Wishes for Baby Boy | Baby Birth Wishes

Congratulations Wishes for Baby Boy

Show your happiness at the arrival of a newborn baby boy into your family. And forward your warm wishes for the new baby and the family members who become Dad, Mother, Uncle, Grandfather, etc. New family members add happiness to the whole family. It’s time to congrats that family who had a new baby boy. We have collected the unique baby wishes here, and we think these inspire you to forward wishes to the baby boy family. In this post, you will get the unique collection of baby birth wishes.

Congratulations Wishes for Baby Girl

Dear parents, you have welcomed a baby girl, and things are about to get a whole lot more interesting! May you live the happiest lives with your new baby doll!

Be happy with your baby girl, as these miracles happen often, but happen good! Have a blast being the best parents ever and may your little girl be happy forever!

A baby girl promises to forever lover her father, and respect her mother! I cannot wait to meet this little doll! All the best!

There is something to be said about welcoming a baby girl into the world! Here is to laughter, happiness,and unconditional love!

Congratulations on your baby girl! I believe your hearts are filled with love, and your minds are forever hopeful! I wish you all the best this world can offer!

Time moves quickly, and with a baby girl in your home, you will never see a dull day again! Make the most of your time with this beautiful baby girl! You did good!

Congratulations Wishes for Baby Girl

A baby girl spreads love, and teacher parents of acceptance, thrill and a unique adventure! Surrender yourself to this love and enjoy every second spent with your baby girl!

I’m guessing you are the happiest parents alive right now! Nothing but best wishes for your new baby girl and for your whole family! Lots of love!

We can’t wait to see the many ways God blesses you with this little one.

Warmest congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby girl!

Ahhh! Freaking out over here. Congratulations, you guys!

What a very lucky baby. Congratulations!

Are you looking for something unique to wish congratulation for new family member arrival? Send flowers to the new mom on his home arrival with a baby boy. Check out baby boy wishes here and forward to her husband, who becomes Dad. Here we added the top most shared new baby wishes. Check out the collection.

New Baby Boy Wishes

Congratulation for the birth of your son. May your heart swell with joy every time he smiles at you or reaches for your finger with his beautiful tiny hand!

The arrival of your new baby is the just the start of many good things. I would make a list for you, but part of the fun is discovering the little surprises that baby boy has in store for you.

Congratulations for the newest member of your family! I hope this boy brings you more joy than you have ever imagine. Can’t wait to pinch its cute little baby cheeks when I see it! Congratulations!

Congratulations on the arrival of this beautiful baby boy! This little miracle will be making you so happy for the rest of your life. Cheers to you and your beautiful growing family!

A baby is a huge responsibility, and having one can be really hard. But I’m sure you can handle it. You two were born to be parents, and I can’t wait to see how this little boy become a great man. Congratulations!

Turn the page and start a new chapter – the chapter where one new character appears, the main character of the story. I wish that your book be the most magical and marvellous in the world and its main character would become a real hero. Congratulations on the baby!

New Baby Boy Wishes

It’s not just a childbirth – it is the birth of a Man. I really believe that your baby will become a man with the capital M and bring much happiness and joy to his parents when he grows up!

I congratulate you on the birth of a child and wish your beautiful family a lot of patience, warmth, well-being and happiness. May your baby bring only joy to his parents!

Hey sister! Cannot believe he is here already. Thank you so much for making me an aunt. I would pamper and spoil my nephew and be called as the cool aunt. Hugs and kisses to the baby.

I know you couldn’t wait to see your baby boy, and finally he is here. Congratulations on becoming a mom to such a cute little boy

Just heard the news, congratulations and all the best to you both. May your little boy grow up to be great and successful.

Your baby boy is a gift sent from above, and I cannot think of two more deserving people. May your little man grow up and bring you joy and happiness.

Everyone congrats newborn baby mom and dad, who recently had a baby boy. On baby birth, everyone forwards his warm wishes that day, and it seems like baby shower wishes. Forward your best wishes for new born baby, if you become Uncle, Aunty, Grandfather, etc.

New Born Baby Wishes to Father and Mother

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy!

The day is finally here and so is he! Congratulations on the birth of your adorable baby boy

Congratulations! Your new baby boy is finally here and I cannot wait to meet him! Wishing you all the love in the world

Welcome to the world! I cannot wait to meet you baby boy! Congratulations to Mum & Dad

Congratulations! You guys are going to be the most awesome parents! What a lucky little boy!

Congratulations! I could not be happier for you both!

New Born Baby Wishes to Father and Mother

She is finally here! Warmest congratulations to the two of you on the arrival of your baby daughter

She is so beautiful! Congratulations on the birth of your new baby girl

Congratulations! You both made a little miracle and we couldn’t be happier she is finally here! Best wishes to Mum, Dad and Baby Girl

Your little baby girl is so adorable and cute like you, I’m sure she’ll grow up with a good heart because she would be raise by kind-hearted people. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.

We are thankful to heaven for this cute gift that you have, she is indeed a blessing and a special one, we pray her life would be as special and incredible as she is. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl

All I can say is congratulations on finishing this race and the long journey, I know it has really been an heck of race but you’re truly a winner because you finish with a medal. Congratulations on the birth of your cute princess.

Plan the way to wish the father and mother of a newborn baby boy. It’s a very joyful moment when the birth of a child at home. Pray for baby boy for a prosperous life and forward your warm wishes to parents who have given birth to the child. Check out here the new born baby wishes to father and mother. On this day everyone’s parents get lots of baby born wishes or gifts. We inserted the unique collection of newborn baby wishes to parents. Hope you like these collections, pick some latest and forward your wishes for new parents.

New Born Baby Wishes in Hindi

नन्हे बच्चे इस दुनिया में आपका स्वागत है और आप
भगवान की कृपा के बहुतायत के साथ बढ़ सकते हैं

आशा करते हैं कि आपका नवजात शिशु हमेशा
आसपास के लोगों के लिए सूर्य की तरह खुशी की किरणें दे

मेरे प्रिय दोस्त मुझे पता है कि आप इस छोटे से भगवान
के तोहफे के लिए माता-पिता
के रूप में सबसे अच्छी भूमिका अदा करेंगे

मां का स्पर्श ही, उसका पहला ज्ञान ।
ना कोई पुस्तक, ना वेद, ना कुरान ।।
निश्छल है, शीतल है, उषा किरण सा ।
बिल्कुल ही खाली है, कोरे कागज सा ।।

आपके घर माता रानी ने नन्ही परी
के रूप में अपना आशीर्वाद भेजा है
आपको ढेर सारी बधाइयां

कोई बड़ा आशीर्वाद नहीं है
एक नए बच्चे की तुलना में
भगवान एक अनमोल उपहार है
और जब आप शुरू करेंगे तो वह आपको मार्गदर्शन करेगा
यह शानदार यात्रा

New Born Baby Wishes in Hindi

एक नयी बोर्न बेबी बॉय या गर्ल अपने आप में गुड़ लक होती है, जब भी एक नई बोर्न बेबी आती है अपने साथ ढेरों खुशियां लेकर आती है , और आप ये खुशियां हमारे न्यू बोर्न बेबी विशेस , न्यू बोर्न बेबी शायरी इन हिंदी, नई बोर्न बेबी कोट्स इन हिंदी से पेरेंट्स , दोस्त और अपने रिलेटिव्स के साथ शेयर करे.

A new ray of sun has fallen on your life, the ray of a cute little princess; yes it is your new baby girl! Let the ray of sun be there forever. Long live the kid! Congratulations!

We are all so happy for you and would like to share the joy of becoming a mom to your little angel! Congratulations mom!

Congratulations to everyone in the family! The role of mom and dad is the wonderful thing in the world. So congratulations mom and dad!

Have a wonderful time and we all welcome the new baby’s arrival. We wish you all happiness to overflow in your family because of this arrival! Congrats

All the best wishes to the new member
Who just arrived to your sweet family

You are in the right place if you are searching for newborn baby wishes in Hindi. Here we added the unique new baby girl wishes, which used to congrats the parents of a newborn baby girl. Huge collection of baby shower wishes quotes, pick one and forward to your relatives or friend who become a dad recently. Forward baby delivery wishes to your friend who just admitted to the hospital. When she becomes mom, then send msg for the newborn baby on her cell phone. 

First Baby Wishes

Dear princess, it is the time for you to open your eyes and see the wonderful world around you which has become much brighter with your presence.

A newborn baby girl is like a rainbow of color, she brings with her the joy that only the colors of the rainbow bring. May you little angel be a rainbow that lights up your universe

You being an uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, friend or a relative these new born baby wishes are just perfect for welcoming the new born baby.

May your precious new born baby bring joy and happiness to you! I am so happy for you two! Congratulations on new baby

May you find happiness in your new role as a parent! Congrats on baby.

For all the joy and smiles they bring, New born baby is worth your time. Congratulations on your new arrival!

First Baby Wishes

It has been a long wait, but God’s time is always the best. Congratulations on your new baby boy.

This is the happiest day in our lives, a day to thank God for everything. Congratulation on the arrival of your new baby!

Welcome to the new born baby boy and congratulations to Mom and Dad! I wish you lifetime of love, laughter, good health and happiness.

May the Almighty shower your new baby born boy with all his blessings and good health. Congratulations on the new family member

What an adorable addition to the family. Congratulations on the birth of new baby girl! May her every single smile bring happiness into your life.

I pray for blessings to always fill your family. I am so joyful for you and your husband. Congratulations on your baby girl.

A brand new miracle to call your own! Congratulations

First Baby Wishes

Wishing you and your newborn many years of good health, love, and happiness.

The coolest part about being parents is catching a glimpse of yourself in your little one! Congratulations! Happy Parenting!

This is such great news!! We’re really thankful and excited that your new baby has arrived safe and sound. May you find much joy and happiness with your new role as proud parents. Wishing you all best and with lots of love

Cheers to you and your growing family.

Congratulations!! This is such wonderful news that your new baby has arrived happy and healthy. May you find parenthood a breeze and be able to look back with fond memories. All the very best and as always please let me know if I can help out in any way.

Congratulations!! May your newest arrival also bring with it much joy and happiness for you both as new parents. We’re thinking of you during this exciting time. All the best and with lots of love.

Wishing you both much joy and happiness with the safe arrival of your newest family member!! May you find babyhood a wonderful and rewarding experience filled with lots of loving memories. All the very best during this time.

You have been blessed with a rewarding responsibility!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We are looking forward to meeting the newest member of the family!

There’s no greater gift to a loving couple wanting to be parents than a child! I’m glad you have been given that gift. Congratulations!

God has blessed you with a life to look after. We will pray for you to have the wisdom, patience, and endurance to carry through with yours job.

On new baby arrival at home, you feel must happier, then another celebration. You will receive lots of newborn baby wishes quotes on your mobile phone. Relatives gathered to give their warm or best wishes for the baby. In this post, you will get one-month birthday wishes for baby boy, baby shower warm wishes and best wishes for baby boy.

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