Top 50 Most Shared Good Luck Quotes for Friend & Boyfriend

good luck quotes for friends

A close friend always wishes you good luck with your work. And his wish helps to motivate new work and doing a new job. Here we updated the good luck quotes for football players. Our main motive is to provide our readers with unique or inspirational quotes about every situation. Check below the collection of most shared good luck quotes available over the internet.

Funny Good Luck Quotes

You may not know where life’s road will lead you. But keep moving. God is walking with you. Good Luck.

The sweetest things in life are love and happiness. Wishing you good luck now that you have found that.

River has many turns enjoy each turn cause each turn will not return. Wish you good luck.

May your roads be smooth and your burdens be light. May you find the dreams and touch the stars and never forget how special you are.

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. Good Luck.

I find my heart singing a chorus at your happy news. Good luck to you during this joyous time.

Here’s to hoping good luck continues to follow you for all the rest of your days my friend.

Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day. Think of this and lead your life. Good Luck.

To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream. Not only plan but also believe. Best wishes for your exam.

You have talent to make the wrong things right; you have the confidence to win over any obstacles; you have everything that leads you in the race. If you are surprised to know this, you can ignore your skill thinking I am lying. Good luck.

Funny Good Luck Quotes

Life is a roller-costar ride, full of ups and downs. The truth of life is enjoying your highs and learning in your lows. You can make impossible the possible ones if you believe so. I wish you a very best of luck for the future.

It is proved once again that you don’t always need a brain to get a job. A horse may win you a race but a donkey is more preferable for carrying your loads!

It’s always a great news when someone close to us gets a new job. I am really proud for you but thank god I don’t have to wake up at 8 A.M every morning!

A new job is like a girlfriend or boyfriend. It will break up with you if you take it for granted. Wish you good luck.

Your new employer has no idea that his company has won a lottery by hiring you. Congratulations for your new job.

I want a minions action figures, a new iPad charger and a hoodie. Oops, I thought I was writing what I am going to make you buy for me. Congrats, loving friend!

Your new job is one more addition to the list of things that I envy you for. Congratulations.

Being employed is better than being unemployed but being employed for more money is even better. Congratulations on a job that pays more.

Exams are like ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends. Their thoughts harass you until late at night, turn your life upside down and cut you off from the rest of the world. All you can do is get over them as quickly as you can. Good luck.

The easiest way to do well in your exams is to treat them like a giant punching bag. Use all the strength of your memory and punch the daylight of your tests. All the very best.

Change your friend’s mood by sharing funny good luck quotes for him. It’s the best way to change his mind and make him smile. We collected the unique and most shared good luck quotes funny for friends and family members. Love someone and want to impress then get here the funny quotes and shared any time with friends.

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Good Luck Quotes for Friends

Life is more fun with friends so make some more when you move, best luck with the new town, my friend, enjoy the new things there!

A speck of luck goes a long way so here is me wishing you more luck than you can ever have.

I am happy to know that your life is full of best luck, I hope it remains that way, for long.

There will be a lot of hurdles on your way but you can get through them, I promise!

I hope that the new project you are working on makes a big hit, good fortune to you on that.

Best luck on beating your assigned deadline at work or school, you can do this.

Best luck to all of your endeavors, may you be able to fulfill all of them greatly.

Believe in yourself and you will get to where you want to be, good luck to you!

I hope you are lucky enough to be at the right place at all the right times, best fortune to you!

Keep on making mistakes; you learn from them, good luck on conquering your life from today.

Good Luck Quotes for Friends

Life is never going to be easy but smooth sailing was never possible, may you have good luck.

No one knows what tomorrow has in store for us. But for you, I hope there’s a lot of happiness, wisdom, money & success in that store!

Nothing can ever stop a person who never stops believing in himself! Self confidence is the best armor anyone can wear. Best of luck!

A new life can be confusing, puzzling & full of uncertainty. But its also thrilling, challenging & full of new adventures. Best of luck for you!

Good students focus on exams. But wise students focus on their life goals. Its time you decided who you want to be! Good luck with that!

You just have to put on a sweet smile on your beautiful face, & darling trust me, the day will be yours! My good wishes for you always!

May the grace of God be with you, protecting you always from any harm! Best wishes and good luck!

I hope you woke up well my dear. I wish you the best for this new dawn and that you do great at work. Please know that I love you very much and that I believe in you.

Like you have never done wrong with anyone, I wish God give you all good luck, and u step the ladders of success.

Wish you good luck to chase your dream, this is your first step towards your goal and I wish things gets in your favour.

Get here the good luck quotes for boyfriend and girlfriend. We added the most shared quotes all over the internet to keep you happy by sharing these with your family members and friends. Also known as famous good luck quotes, A few words can change your mind is called quotes. Check the list and find the quotes according to your needs. Just copy and share it with the circle.

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Best Good Luck Quotes

When I say “good luck” to you, it doesn’t mean that you will probably win. It just means that whatever the result is, you just can’t lose.

My dear girl, I’m sure that my love and faith in you will lead to the greatest success. Good luck!

The lady of my heart, my charming and beautiful sweetheart, you deserve nothing less than the most wonderful and spectacular day. So I wish you it. May good luck be with you honey!

Some may think that to receive a new job is enough to become successful, but it isn’t. You have to work hard for that. I wish you good luck!

May God send you his heavenly blessings today and always! May you will be able to achieve everything you desire in life. Have a good luck!

I woke up today with a thought that I need to wish you good luck, but then recalled that you had been working really hard, so there’s no need in wishing you to be lucky.

Don’t worry if you have bad luck sometimes. It won’t last long because I am wishing you that whatever bad luck you have now will turn into the best luck you have ever had.

Truth to be told, luck prefers winners, not losers. So you should never give up and you will meet good luck!

Leaving is always hard. But don’t think of it as of farewell, you’d better think of it as of good luck that is already waiting for you!

Persistence and a bit of good luck can make you the best student out there! Good luck!

Best Good Luck Quotes

Some may be satisfied with staying in one position during the life, but I know that such life isn’t for you. Keep doing your best and be sure that one day you will be promoted. Good luck!

If it wasn’t for huge pressure, people wouldn’t be able make diamonds from lumps of coal. So, you don’t need to be afraid of pressure since it only makes us stronger. Take care and good luck to you.

Concentration is important if you want to be successful. So next time you feel like you are losing it, think about me because I am strongly believe in you and your luck!

You didn’t come this far just to lose, so you should consider yourself victorious even before the end of this fixture. I wish you the best of luck.

Today, you should forget about everything and just focus on being the best basketball player out there. Best of luck!

The power of our subconscious thoughts and desires attracts good luck.

Good luck’ is like the shadow of a tree, for some time it gives comfort to a traveler but it doesn’t go ahead with a traveler.

The only good luck many great man ever had was being born with the ability and determination to overcome bad luck.

Every sunset give us one day less To live! But every sunrise give us one day more to hope, So hope for the best. Good Day & Good Luck.

Always have the determination Of a mirror Which never lose its ability to reflect In Spite of it being broken in 2 pieces Keep shining!

Days are gone when a lover writes a letter for his lover to express his love. Now a day, simple and lovely quotes can do the work of the letter. A few words can explain all. That’s the reason now a day’s everyone is looking for romantic or Irish good luck quotes. In this post, we share the most searches quotes over the internet. Check here the goodbye and good luck quotes for coworkers and many others. Express your love for your girlfriend by sharing the heart-melting quotes. We update the list daily, share the post if you like our collection of quotes.

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